Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Tonight we were forbidden from attending a committee meeting at which the future of the Soen Project (originally agreed upon to be called Calvary Chapel Sapporo) was decided without our input or consent. The things which were agreed upon in the past have now been rejected, and we are left to wonder how the Lord wants us to move forward.

Do we comply with the new terms laid before us (even though they are not what we feel the Lord has instructed), or do we set out on our own, starting as a home fellowship or something else completely? Please pray that the Lord's perfect will be done, and that we receive wisdom and humility to obey and move forward boldly.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Other Ministry

Besides the ministry in Sapporo, we are also edifying believers in two towns which are near Sapporo: Tobetsu and Yuni. Around once per month we gather at the home of one of the Christians in Tobetsu for a home fellowship. Regular attendance is about six people. We are studying through the Gospel of John, and have finished to the end of chapter 3 so far.

We are still waiting on the Lord to bring believers or seekers to our weekly gathering in Yuni. As we wait, we spend time in prayer and worship. We have ordered a sign which has John 3:16 written in large letters, and next week we will put it on the building in Yuni. At the moment, the people of Yuni are worried about 'hurting Buddha' if they attend our service. We pray that the Lord would break the chains and give these people eyes to see the Truth. The church building itself has not been very well maintained in the past decade or so, so we are slowly working on restoring it to its original beauty (for God's glory). As we cut the grass, pull weeds, etc. people have been watching us... may they one day be prompted to enter the building and hear God's Word, and receive eternal life.


Since September 2009, we have been serving at another church while we wait on the Lord's timing for a building where He will begin a work. This church has their regular morning service at 10:30am so we gather at 8:30am for a brief time of worship and Word. We are teaching through the Gospel of John chapter by chapter, verse by verse. Today we reached John 15:18.

We have no intentions of removing any sheep from the church where we are serving, but only wish to edify them by the grace of the Almighty God and for His glory.