Sunday, April 10, 2011

Steve in India

Brother István (Steve) Lorincz is now in India, preaching the Word to the Tamil people of Bangalore. He has been gone for just over a week, and will be returning this Thursday. His reports are all very positive. Here are a few excerpts from e-mails I have gotten from him:

Last night two others accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour. A woman came to ask [me] to pray for her heart, after the service. She has some heart sickness, so I asked her, "Do you have Jesus in your heart?" She said, "Not yet but I would like to..."
The other was a young man... with the Tamil pastor, we said the "prayer of salvation," and the boy repeated after us. After the 'Amen', he totally changed. Before had [such a] scary and confused [look in] eyes, but after, he became so happy, his eyes were shiny and alive. He was actually rejoicing with us.


Yesterday, the Tamil pastor could not join us, so after we sang the worship songs I encouraged them to ask any kind of questions about faith, Scripture, burden, sin, grace, forgiveness, gifts, etc. The Lord greatly blessed the meeting. When I was taken back to [the] hotel I was crying, so much they [have come] into my heart, like my family.


Truly there is revival happening in Bangalore these days. Praise the Lord for the work Steve is doing there. Please continue to pray for him and the people of Bangalore, that these final three days of ministry would yield a rich crop, a harvest of souls saved for eternity.

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